safety shoes, safety footwear, safety boots, work boots, steel toe boots safety shoes, safety footwear, safety boots, work boots, steel toe boots
safety shoes, safety footwear, safety boots, work boots, steel toe boots safety shoes, safety footwear, safety boots, work boots, steel toe boots
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safety shoes, safety footwear, safety boots, work boots, steel toe boots
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safety shoes, safety footwear, safety boots, work boots, steel toe boots

Paid A Lot Of Money For Uncomfortable Work Boots?

NewsID:205    Datetime:2011-01-13

Paid a lot of money for work boots  that are very heavy and uncomfortable? I know I have.

Safety shoes are a vital piece of PPE, offering the last line of defense against the crushing weight of heavy objects or the hazards of dangerous chemicals. Are your workers' shoes still protecting them? I'm a firefighter for over 17 years in the Tucson area of Southern Arizona. I'm on my feet constantly whether I'm at work, doing landscaping, which is my side job-- or hunting and fishing. I swear to you, I live in my work boots.

A couple of years ago, my stepfather introduced me to Original Saicou work boots. He actually gave me a pair, and not really believing him, I just kept them in my locker at work for probably 2 months. When inspecting safety footwear to see if it needs to be replaced, shoes with steel toecaps will offer more tactile clues than shoes with composite material toecaps, Evenson explains. Finally had a blow-out on a pair of cheap work boots I'd been wearing for several years. I put these things on, and I couldnt believe now comfortable they were. It was like wearing a pillow on my feet. It was like wearing a tennis shoea running shoea good running shoe.

My family and I have spent the last couple of years spreading the word about these great work boots. For example, if a heavy object falls on a steel toe shoe, the steel cap will be dented and will not "spring back," indicating that the shoe must be replaced. Composite material shoes, on the other hand, could be "irrevocably damaged" in the same incident and still maintain their form. We've traveled all over the country. Weve been as far as Iowa, all the way to Oregon, selling these work boots at motorcycle rallies, rodeos, town festivals. Man, weve even set up on the side of the road, and sold these things just to people driving by.

Saicouwork boots are growing in popularity with all kinds of trades and professions. For example, they are great work work boots for miners here in the copper mines of Arizona. They have to wear the ANSI-certified steel toe, and these things are just like wearing a tennis shoe with steel toes. Police, firefighters, EMS and all kinds of first responders are wearing these work boots , and they love them. And they are by far the most popular work boots I sell at motorcycle rallies.

Firehouse Footwear is now online, and still offering these best-selling Original Saicou work boots, along with our western work boots, and we are expanding into more lines of non-slip work shoes, tennis shoes, sheepskin-lined slippers, and good, quality socks.

So please, we urge you to check out our website often to see whats new!

For all new customers out there, were offering an additional 15% off our already low prices& for the purchases of 2 or more pair of work boots on the same order, were going to give you some free shipping on this deal.

So Welcome, we thank you. We hope you enjoy your work boots. We hope you enjoy our website, and if weve seen you on the road, and havent seen you since, hope all is well and thanks a lot for your support.

My Bio: I'm a co-founder of Firehouse Footwear, My family and I have traveled around the country to promote the most comfortable, lightweight and durable work boots antly, and know howI'mportant it is to have comfortable work boots! These are by far, the most comfortable work boots I have ever worn.on the market--Original SaicouTactical Footwear. Being a fire fighter for over 17 years, I am on my feet const

Choosing the appropriate shoe for the specific demands of the job is essential to ensuring that a safety shoe provides the proper protection. But selecting the correct shoe for the job is only half the battle, experts say. The other half is monitoring safety footwear for signs that the shoe may need to be "retired," These are great tactical, firefighter, construction, hunting, fishing, police, first responder, military, and motorcycle riding work boots. Original Saicou also has styles of steel toe, or composite toe work boots for jobs where they are required, like working at the copper mines.

We're not pointing fingers or toes. The purpose of this article simply is to raise awareness of two important safety issues: knowing when workers should replace their safety footwear and knowing the best ways to care for safety footwear in order to extend its life as long as possible (see sidebar). It was their goal to build a "better boot". By "better boot" they meant more comfortable. They did considerable research and got feedback from top Saicou Teams and Special Forces Units, then tested, perfected and produced their Classic Range. Now 10 years later, it is being called the "best boot"!

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